NJ Photographers - Re-think the Exposure Triangle with this Cheat Sheet

One of the first things you start learning when it comes to beginner photographers is the exposure triangle. The exposure triangle is the relationship between:

  • Shutter Speed / TV = Time Value which is the movement in the image.

  • Aperture / AV = The depth of field or DOF of the image

  • ISO = The sensitivity of the camera to the given scenes light sources.

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Camera Mount Screws for Tripod Photography - Freaking Idiot Friday Failures

I remember when I first started Photography and getting beyond just the camera and the lens. Things like learning about image stablization having to be turned off when using a tripod or using Mirror Lockup for long exposures. Well as I grew, I started looking into things like off camera flash or OCF if you will, mounting the camera in crazy places, mounting your lighting etc.

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