Gillette: The Best Man Can Be, #metoo

Toxic masculinity and the Gillette commercial has zero to do with women not being allowed to flaunt their sexy for mutual benefit as "sexy" sells ...BIGLY.  (the photo attached) Ie women are allowed to be "cheerleaders" and feel good about it. It doesnt objectify women and NOBODY is saying that it should or needs to stop

What IS being said is in point...

Right now in the NFL playoffs there is a FEMALE referee. Looking at her in anyway different than the other referees ie "she should stick to cheerleading where women belong" or looking at her like shes LESS sexy because of such or is doing a mans job or looking at her AS IF she was one of the cheerleaders is WHAT IS BEING CALLED OUT AND SHOULD STOP

not sure the difference....

The female cheerleader knows what their job entails (potential cat calling from men in the crowd) and they accept it. Their job IS to rile up the crowd. Therefore Men getting riled up is not toxic masculinity

The female ref is there to REF. Getting riled up about such is where toxic masculinity comes in to play

Scott RothComment