The First Photo Accessory To Add To Your Bag - Tuesday Tools

Tuesday Tools - Episode 1

Today we discuss the importance of having a White Balance card / kit in your camera bag.

Todays cameras do a really great job of getting white balance good in camera but this only works when using natural light (such as a window). When adding accessories to your setup such as external flashes you have to be mindful that flashes tend to shoot colder and while TTL Ettl can read a scene to give you proper flash exposure it cant give adjust your white balance so you have to do that via test shots and using gels to balance the scene.

For me,  the importance of a White Balance card is that when you use an external flash such as a speed light, the flash may not reach the entire scene (such as a wedding when there is up lighting around the room). A flash will light your subject while the ambiance of the room covers the rest.

If you dont gel the flash or accommodate for the flash not covering the entire scene, when you white balance in post or just rely on your camera auto wb for your subject, your ambiance will get thrown OFF.

Another great use of the White Balance card is when shooting a bride in her bridal dress. Bridal dresses are usually slightly off white, or ivory and white balancing in post could give unreliable results. With outdoor weddings where sunlight and shade can further throw the color of a bridal dress off, using a White Balance let's you know exactly what is truly white vs what is ivory or off white in a scene. Dresses, linens, plates, etc all might be slightly different shades that can appear white in post, even in camera....even TO the camera.

Using a White Balance card keeps YOU in control of the photograph.