The CANON Camera Setting That Can Save Your Career - BSOD - Freaking Idiot Friday

In April of 2018, I came to the office one day and my main computer wouldn’t load into Windows. It was the Blue Screen of Death or BSOD that everyone fears. I was able to get into the repair screens and backup my recent photos. However when I loaded those photos into one of my other computers, I noticed they were showing up as corrupt and not loading. Now, all of my photos are always backed up onto several different hard drives, but what if they weren’t?

What if my only copies were the ones on the computer?

What if the most recent memory card I used, I already formatted and took new photos on?

I checked my most recent memory cards to see if there were any photos I didn’t backup but I had already formatted them and used them. I decided to research into Data Recovery software……EaseUs, Phoenix Jpeg Recovery, Decraw, and more.

I noticed that all the Data Recovery Software’s worked in a similar way. They would located images by FILE NUMBER. They pulled some recent images and some images from months if not years earlier. The dates of the images were scattered it appeared and then I realized why.

In the menu settings on my camera was a setting for FILE NUMBERING and I had it defaulted to AUTO RESET. Which meant that each time I formatted a memory card and went out shooting photos, the first photo I took was IMG 001 and so.

So lets say I took 100 photos number IMG 001  to IMG 100. Lets say the previous time I used the memory card I took 500 photos before reformatting. Data Recovery would locate file numbers IMG 001 to IMG 100 of the new set of photos and ONLY IMG 101 to IMG 500 of the previous photos taken (even though they were deleted and the card was formatted).

This is when I learned the importance of setting my File Numbering in camera to CONTINUOUS. Had I had the setting on CONTINUOS then the new photos taken on the memory card would have been numbered IMG 501 to IMG 600


Date Recovery software would then locate ALL 600 photos since the new photos taken would not have overwritten the old photos……until you reach IMG 999. I believe after that, it THEN goes back to IMG 001….BUT it makes a NEW FOLDER when it does. This is why when you load the memory card you sometimes see a FOLDER 001 and FOLDER 002.

We hope this little bit of advice helps keep you from having a Freaking Idiot moment.