Photo Activist SHOUTouts - Jason Siegel - A New Take On A Gun Camera? - Photography Projects That Inspire Us

This weeks Monday Motivation is Jason Siegel @jsiegelphotography and his #photoproject
AN ANTI-VIOLENCE SCULPTURAL CAMPAIGN MADE ENTIRELY OF RECYCLED CAMERA EQUIPMENT which involves using camera equipment laid out to resemble popular rifles and assembled into physical sculpltures that can be held up for display

Every Monday we look to feature a new Photographer that we feel is a Photo Activist that is addressing #socialjustice beyond just #documentaryphotography and/or #photojournalism

We will also try our best to honor the project by creating our own images inspired by these projects and bring you behind the scenes of the process via YouTube. Today’s photo is by @scottrothphotos

These types of photos were also used in a Information Is Ammunition campaign by @canadacjfe with Photography by @toddmclellan 
Learn more about this project at

Thank you Jason and keep doing what you are doing ...
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