Tuesday Tools : Beginner Photography Must Have Camera Accessories - Yashica Variable Best ND Filters for Milky Smooth Waterfalls in NJ

Did you just buy a new camera? Or maybe you got one as a gift from a loved one who knows you've been wanting to get more into photography? I love when that happens. 

So you got the day off and you head to the park to take some photos and low and behold you see a waterfall. The photographer in you knows and loves photos of waterfalls. So magestically and beautiful. Well you see Landscape Photography such as photographing waterfalls is usually one of the first types of a photograph newbies take when they get a new camera since they are readily available.

So you go to take a photo of it, but its blown out. You do what the books say, you close down your aperture to f8....then f12...then f22. The photos look great but they just are not milky smooth like those photos you see on the wall at the doctors office. You know you don't want to go with a faster shutter speed, so you give up for the day.. .  maybe even longer. Some people put their cameras down and never pick them up again

This is where todays tool comes into play. Its right on the box cover lol. This week we head to Boonton Falls in Boonton NJ to highlight one of the most popular uses of this weeks Tuesday Tools : Beginner Photography Accessories.....a ND (Neutral Density) Filter and why its so important to have even as a beginner Photographer. 

The best ND filter lets you go with longer exposures to get that milky smooth waterfall photos that impress your friends, get shown at the doctors and jumpstart your career. 

Lets go! 


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