How To Boost Your BOKEH In Camera With This Hack - Tuesday Tools

Thank you for checking us out. Tuesdays is when I discuss different little tools that I feel can help your photography in a big way that are easy to come by. 

Today I am talking about using pearl like products such as a necklace or even a hand massage tool to get great bokeh in your photos. This hack if you will is more for improving bokeh in the foreground of your photos. 

For great background bokeh it is always best to put some distance between your subject and the background. The OPPOSITE applies to foreground. You need to put distance between your subject and YOU and then put the tool you are using for bokeh as close to the lens as you can.


For this vlog I use a 90mm Tamron Macro lens as it allows a shallow depth of field and bokeh looks great for macro photography. Today I setup in camera a great shot using my own wedding band to use as an of example of how to use this effect on wedding rings. As an example I show this photo here from Marsha Ann & David's wedding that I shot.

The part that really makes your photography pop is adding additional lighting and playing with the position of it to get reflections in the pearls. Using your phone in flash light mode is more than sufficient for this example.