Job Tasks : Messy Desk Vlog 1

Welcome to my Messy Desk Vlog.

While I would love to be able to do these fancy vlogs with smooth b-roll, awesome editing techniques etc......Im just too busy. While I still do them for spotlighting of nonprofits, rather than put them off I figure I can have a series that shows the backend work side of Professional Photography. 

With this series I plan to talk about the different things I have to tackle on any given day, how I go about it, the thought process behind why and what to learn about it. Here in the first video I talk about my Job Task sheets. 

Messy Desk will cover taxes, accounting, softwares, crms such as Tave or 17 Hats, backing up data, dealing with dissatisfied clients, album software, everything beyond just taking better photos. 

We hope you find a benefit to these