Is the At&t Netgear Nighthawk garbage? - Messy Desk Vlog 4

As a Professional Photographer, I need data, alot of it. Whether its my videographers sending me 10gig files or my second shooters sending me galleries via WeTransfer I find myself using alot. 

For a little while I was getting by with a ATT hotspot that I got 4 years ago to use on events. Social Kiosks for my NJ Photo Booth Rentals rely on strong wifi and having a hotspot on site is helpful since venue wifi would always need to have its firewall configured. 

So with that, and finally cutting the cord on cable, we (my wife and I) decided to start using the hotspot at home for regular internet access and home/office work.  

A few months ago however the single started to lag, and the battery would get hot and start to look bloated. It was upgrade time.....which found me going with the AT&T Netgear Nighthawk.

This should have provided me with a better signal, and with access to 5G, a much improved upload/download rate. However this has not been the case. The signal is usually weak and completely drops off if you are not in the same room....which has rendered Lightroom CC almost useless for online syncing.

When I tested the device out in public it was more reliable at least in close range with the 5G but we decided to bite the bullet and go back to wired internet for fast upload/download rates in the home office. I will still use the Nighthawl for "in the field" internet such as at events or doing remote work on my surface tablet. 

That is my overall view of the Nighthawk and setting up the new network and getting Lightroom sync caught up is whats on my messy desk today. 

I also discuss needing new business cards and talk about some thoughts based on the  business cards of area event planners, venues and djs I have collected over the years.

Scooter Roth