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NJ Photographers - Re-think the Exposure Triangle with this Cheat Sheet

One of the first things you start learning when it comes to beginner photographers is the exposure triangle. The exposure triangle is the relationship between:

  • Shutter Speed / TV = Time Value which is the movement in the image.

  • Aperture / AV = The depth of field or DOF of the image

  • ISO = The sensitivity of the camera to the given scenes light sources.

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Photography 101 : No One Wants To Be Your First Client

Professional Photography

Rule #1

"No one wants to be your FIRST client"

This is something I always think about  when talking to clients. I always try to give them comfort by finding out as much information as I can so and find  ways of letting them know "I've got you". Maybe its that Ive been to their venue before, or did a couple their same age, matter how limited your "experience" is, clients are not gonna risk their event or job on your "potential". .....


Volunteer for nonprofits

Be a second shooter on a Wedding

Take classes and workshops that have practice shots with a live model

Whatever you need to do to make sure your client can be confident you can get the job done it. Its not your portfolio that will get the client to book...its YOU

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